Wednesday, November 19, 2014

xmas party

Let's get together before Christmas for some debauchery... Post your availability..

Saturday, November 15, 2014

mexican pandemonium

Had a pretty good time with my wife family and friends but glad to be home to 10 degree weather woohoo..

Monday, October 6, 2014

2014 flat track season was a good one.

Well both Bodey and myself learned a bunch this year.  Pretty awesome experience sharing one of my biggest passions with my boy and I can see it in CW's eyes it won't be long before he's in it too.  He finished third in points this year even after missing first few races with broken arm.  Mainly he just showed up tried his best against the older faster kids but most importantly loved evry minute of it.  
The people at spokane speedway some of the best around.  Good locally ran race tracks are pretty rare these days and it's a bummer. Next year will be a good one that will involve me back on the track as well. Got a winter to build 2 flat track monsters for myself and Bodey, and I couldn't be more excited!  Man I love this stuff!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

coming soon

Tell your boss wife dog cat fish girlfriend boyfriend who ever...less than two weeks frosty balls hell yeah..RTPF HTFU

Sunday, September 14, 2014

never say no to inception, I mean panda

just for fun

 Weed panda #1
 Weed panda #2
 Bitch get off me!
 Take it and don't say shit!
 Jojo do you love this kind?


Frosty Ball's 2014!

It's that time again boy's! put on you cold weather riding gear Oct 11 is just around the corner.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mini rocket pt 3

Quad ran awesome and Bodey held his own against the big boys.  Pretty cool the whole family made it out to see what Bodey and I are so stoked on.  Quality time at the race track with the family.  RTP motosports.....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

YeeHaa MeeHaa!

Well friends and family Betty is down for awhile, but extreme disaster averted. About a 3 weeks ago I ran my bike pretty hard coming home from the Clayton rodeo and she ran great. when I got home she was burping alot of oil out the breather...more then expected even at those extremes. I ignored her cry for help (dumbass). she seemed to clear up the past few weeks until the other day she puked out even more. I started to get worried, and she wasn't running as strong as normal. I also started hearing this weird noise in the engine. My sad face appeared knowing the years of running full throttle have finally caught up with me. I pulled her into the shop and decided to see what fate held for me. Dumped engine oil....hmm a little shiner then I hoped, Check spark plugs...running nice and brown. Well hell the burps in oil could be from my oil pump not being able to keep up with the demand and the breather puking it out.

I have 80,000 miles on the stock oil pump could be time to change. I had a spare one in the shop.
So I started pulling her apart, clean the air cleaner, pull the pipe, unadjusted the pushrods....son a ma bitch these are not easy out pushrods damn it! Pull the gas tank, yank the top rocker cover, pull the rocker arm assembly out. 

Pull the pushrods out the top, next is the lifter caps and the hydro solids :) yeah buddy they are still in great shape. Finally lets pop open the cam chest.
Those of you that haven't seen a gear drive cam setup here you go. 
All her parts laying on the floor... I hope it is going to be an easy fix. Pull the gears off then the cam plate, cams and oil pump (if you do not take out the four oil pump screws from the cam plate) all come out in one shot. Clink...WTF just fell into my drain pan from the cam chest?? Oh shit :(

See something wrong with my pinion bearing, I do. immediately I started  going through my cams and oil pump. they look ok, what the... my oil pump passage is jammed full of what seems to be plastic, well that explains the puking breather. but  what I couldn't figure out is why they would make the bearing cage out of plastic.
This is what the bearing should look like, so now i am going to try and replace it with out splitting the case, I will put another post up of my attempts and hopefully success soon, but if I have to split them it will be even more reason for me to put my hiflow heads on finally. 
                                                            Much Love,
                                                            RTP lil bill

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mini rocket pt 2

All hands on deck to get her back together so we would have a week worth of break in and tune time before race next weekend.
Went from 19t to a 21t on front sprocket and 35t to a 31t on the rear, that should get top speed up there!

Serviced the axle carrier, bearing and regreased.  

TT track next weekend so I am gonna bring stock 35t rear sprocket just incase he looses too much low end coming out of corners. 
Poor mans shock adjusters.  I cut three different lengths and welded them to giant washers.  With TT and flat track performance suspension isn't a huge help just getting quad low enough to corner. 

Bodey is pretty damn excited!

Just gotta mix some gas and give her a rip.
  Over the winter she'll get a tuned pipe and upgrade whole clutch system with new weights, rollers, variatior springs and adjustable cdi box.  He wants to start racing quad cross next year which is awesome.  A lot more upgrades and a lot more time on the track but I love this stuff as much he does!  RTP motosports here we come!


First annual festival complete great times with surprise guest coming and going at all hours.. Love that kine....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

getting together..

We need to get together sounds like October for  a nice night of debauchery.. W.c..or soap lake..let's tear it up..any ideas.. A months notice no reason why we ccan't make this happen let's plan a day clear it with work wife's up the day we pick and ffucking get it on brothers..htfu rtpf ..